Grouping of credits for craftsman

When prices of raw materials soar, their margins are consumed! In times of declining purchasing power, they can not fully pass on the increase in their purchases and fees on their customers’ bills. They then experience a temporary drop in their income hoping that it will be as short as possible. This situation is much […]

Fast Loans of up to € 15,000

Gandalf, It is a company that provides money financing service for your car . It is the best, the fastest and easiest. The service of Gandalf is based on simple conditions of understanding for its clients, with an easy and fast procedure. They are responsible for issuing money in quantities from € 500 to € […]

What is in the land register

  The land register excerpt is basically the identity card of your property. It is therefore really important that you deal with the home sales or generally with the information contained therein. If you want to sell your property or buy a house, you should deal in advance with the land register or the land […]

Real Estate: should you invest in 2019?

After a 2018 year marked by low credit rates and a policy of banks focused on winning new customers, 2019 will it be conducive to rental investment? Features of the finance law, levels of real estate rates … The context at the beginning of the year. The 2019 Finance Act, a favorable legislative arsenal for […]