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Currently due to the prices that vehicles have when they want to acquire, which are undoubtedly in most cases high, make people who yearn to be able to do that operation resort to financing options that vary in as to its characteristics. Depending on who is done, the issues to be taken into account and how are the most common ways to buy a car, we now want to analyze its most important details, mentioning mainly what benefits each one has.

What is a savings plan?

The car dealerships in all the provinces of the country, mainly those that are official of certain brands, offer this well-known system where a person enters a plan, in which every month he will make a series of contributions and as his name says it, is a saving which in almost all cases is divided into 84 installments. These plans are carried out by forming a group of people and how much you will have to pay each month will depend on a main variable: the cost that the vehicle has zero kilometer for sale. The customer makes the agreed contribution and has two main ways to receive the vehicle: either through a lottery and also through a tender, which everyone can make.

What is the best plan to buy a car in Argentina?

As we said, many companies dedicated to the sale of vehicles in each city of Argentina dedicate part of their services to offer this type of plans. All brands through their official dealers offer their models for sale by this means of financing and mention which is the best without doubt that will depend on different variants. Many comments we receive indicate positive and also negative aspects of each one, therefore, we are going to tell you that each plan has its characteristics but it will be key to always read your contract well, knowing what happens in each situation and what answer you may have. We want to mention now the most requested plans in the country to date:

  • Plan Óvalo: it is a program of the Ford brand by means of which you can buy all your models, including the vehicles that are used for work. It has many discounts, which reach up to 50% in some cases and for your advantage you can hire it through the plan’s website.

  • Fiat Plan: this is the plan of the Italian brand which has been commercialized in all the provinces for many years and the best thing is that they finance the latest models with the best features. You have the possibility to start paying a vehicle and change the model, have bonuses in insurance, delivery agreed on a date, among other benefits.

  • Plan Rombo: is the program that has the French brand Renault in Argentina for decades. It has different forms of payment comfortable, much clarity and monthly benefits in the groups that conform. As for the models themselves, Sandero, Capture, Logan, Duster, Kangoo and Kwid can be financed, among other very good ones.

  • Jeep Plan: Saving plan is a new service of this brand, which in the short time it has sales, had thousands of applications across the country. Unlike other companies, this plan allows the purchase of its Renegade and Compass models.

  • Toyota Savings Plan: this Japanese brand that has excellence in its products offers to finance its vehicles through plans at 100% or 70% according to the needs of each client.

What is the pure quota in a savings plan?

When a person accesses the financing of a car through a savings plan offered by a car brand, he will visualize in his contract that the monthly payment is made up of different concepts. One of them will be the so-called “pure quota” and it is the one that arises after the cost of sale is divided into 84, which at the time of payment has the car in question. It takes for that basic cost that the vehicle has without any additional in its price.

Is it advisable to advance fees in a savings plan?

This is a question always asked by customers who are currently paying for a vehicle. The answer will be that it does agree without a doubt and the reason is also very simple in terms of their reasons. When you cancel, for example, several installments in advance, it will be taken to charge you the cost of the pure quota, then what will happen is that you will pay the fee without administrative expenses, interest or other concepts, that is, you will pay less and You will be closer to having a vehicle for you and your family in the short term.

How are car loans?

How are car loans?

Vehicle loans are a type of loan designed especially for those who purchase a vehicle through financing offered by banks. The bank to you as a customer gives you a sum of money (it is directly transferred to the car dealership) and your car is under a pledge, during the term of the financing can not be sold. It depends on each bank in particular but in many cases you can have 100% of the car, but in those cases without doubt the fees are going to be higher.

What suits me: a loan or a savings plan?

What suits me: a loan or a savings plan?

According to your particular situation will depend on the convenience of entering a savings plan or request a bank loan. The latter is often more convenient because its interest rates are lower and also has the advantage of having your vehicle in less time. On the other hand, there are complications often these credits for cars because many requirements are requested and not all people can meet them. In order for you to really be the one to choose one of these possibilities according to your need, we now want to detail through an enumeration what direct benefits a savings plan offers you:

  • No guarantees are required to access the program.

  • It has far fewer requirements than a traditional credit.

  • The financing will be more extensive, so you can have cheaper quotas.

  • You can tender your car whenever you want.

  • You will have the possibility to have your car by lottery.

  • To be able to form a savings plan group you do not have to make any money advance.

  • The fees will always be in Argentine pesos