What is in the land register


The land register excerpt is basically the identity card of your property. It is therefore really important that you deal with the home sales or generally with the information contained therein.

The land register excerpt is basically the identity card of your property. It is therefore really important that you deal with the home sales or generally with the information contained therein.

If you want to sell your property or buy a house, you should deal in advance with the land register or the land register extract. You can get this as the owner of the land registry. If you are planning a purchase, then the real estate agent or owner should provide it for you upon request. You should read and understand this. Get help from an expert.

The land register extract is important and plays a central role in real estate law. You can clearly and mostly at first glance identify the owner or see the ownership. In addition, any claims from third parties are included. These may be land charges or travel or residential rights.

Inscription & inventory in the land register

Inscription & inventory in the land register

The cover sheet of a land register is therefore called land title. Then you will find the details of the district court, the land register district and the number of the respective sheet. Often it is also on the closing note or the Umschreibungsvermerk to find.

The inventory in the land register provides information about the property. The data given therein are prescribed by the cadastral office . Lands with a number are listed in this official register (cadastre). The maps of the cadastre are led to Gemarkungen. A district is then divided into individual and continuous parts, so-called corridors. These corridors are then given their own corridor map and the land in the corridor is designated / numbered as parcels (sometimes also parcel). It is then the size of the property to find.

In addition, more information can be found in the inventory directory. These include the easements associated with the property / rights such as rights of way or also sewer line rights. You will also find the columns entitled Inventory, Write-Up and Tender. The stock defines from which previous property the property was taken over by, for example, division. The attribution, however, to which other property it was added. Depreciation is required if, for example, part of the property is transferred to another land register sheet.

Owner of a property – First Department

The land register is divided into three parts according to applicable rules. These parts are called a department. In the first section, the owners, including dates of birth or the leaseholder, can be found again. In addition, the basis of the entry can be seen, this can be, for example, the termination in the course of the settlement of the purchase of the property by the notary .

Loads and Limitations – Second Division

In the second section you will find the loads and restrictions of the property which are not in the area of the third section. These may be easements and limited personal easements.

Often there are so-called deferment notices, which are entered for the period between the conclusion of a notarised deed of sale and its final execution. Last but also restraints are conceivable. These may be certain residential rights, bankruptcy or execution executions, pre-emptive rights or redevelopment notices.

Mortgages, land charges, annuity liabilities – Third Division

The third department issues the liens. These liens can be mortgages, land charges and annuity debts. This can include the land charges that the bank has registered for financing on your property. So if you pay for the purchase or construction through mortgage lending, the bank can have this charge recorded on the property.

Real estate brokers in Potsdam and surroundings

Real estate brokers in Potsdam and surroundings

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