Grouping of credits for craftsman

When prices of raw materials soar, their margins are consumed! In times of declining purchasing power, they can not fully pass on the increase in their purchases and fees on their customers’ bills. They then experience a temporary drop in their income hoping that it will be as short as possible. This situation is much more difficult, if not impossible, to live when credits were subscribed when the activity was flourishing.

One solution exists the credit artisans that some banking intermediaries possess the level of expertise required to apprehend the financial restructuring of independent professionals offer.

A young couple from a small town in the south of France

While devotes most of her time to cabinetmaking, the specialty is violin making. As newlyweds, the couple is just starting to enjoy life together, and are doing everything they can to make it a success. The activities they have been involved in are not always very profitable, but still, allow them to cover their daily needs. To limit expenses, take care themselves of the small crafts to undertake in their home, since the repair of the verandas, that of the roots of cooking and the installation of a fence for the garden. This allows them to save a little money and buy raw materials for their respective business activities.

It is in this usual rhythm that the have heard of a regional contest for which it was a question of choosing the best craftsman of their region. It is after careful consideration that both have agreed to present good quality work as a contribution. In this context, and with the advice of one of their friends, they decided to use a loan at a bank in their city. The latter responded exactly to their expectations by offering them a personal credit to repay within one year with a more than interesting interest rate. The happiness of was inexpressible, because this credit allowed them to finish in time the work to present to the contest, and in addition, the manager of the bank also offered them various kinds of credits to facilitate their lives. They took the opportunity to renovate their home. With the real estate credit they received, their interior became more spacious and better equipped. Other credit institutions have offered consumer loans to allow them to meet their monthly needs and enjoy themselves. They accepted them without hesitation since the repayments of the first two loans did not pose any real problems for them.

Although they could not win the first prize for the best regional artist, this adventure allowed them to discover the loan services that banking organizations offer to make life more enjoyable. However, this magical story in which the swam did not last very long.

With the onset of winter, the raw materials they needed for their production suffered a shortage and their cost substantial inflation. Expenditures did not allow them to increase the price of finished products, which meant a drop in their monthly income.

The repayment of the loans they subscribed six months ago began to weigh heavily


The banks had tightened their standards, especially for artisans, and those who wanted to study their case did not accept a negotiation on the repayment period, unless the couple agreed to accept a much higher interest rate because, at least unluckily, rates were also on the rise.

Found themselves in a very delicate financial situation


Every month, they could not make ends meet, and the worst thing was that their money problems had repercussions on their life as a couple. The tension took place in their homes to create an unbearable atmosphere of sadness, stress, regret and bitterness.

Every day, the situation in which they found themselves became unbearable so that they sought advice from their friends. One of them having already experienced the same thing, advised them to use credit through an independent specialist, an intermediary in banking operations, because not all banks offer it, especially to craftsmen and traders, and it is important to be well-managed to be certain to benefit from the best conditions of this very competitive market.

Private banking operation to rebalance the family or personal budget in case of financial problems resulting from debt too heavy or unsuitable, the credit is to fully repay the debts of the interested parties, by what is called a restructuring loan , while offering them a particularly low interest rate and a repayment period adapted to their financial capacity. This will visibly reduce their monthly expenses and rebalance their financial situation in the long term.

Aware of the fact that the credit could reduce their debt ratio and immediately give air to their budget, the have decided to inquire with a broker specialized in for craftsmen without losing another day, while promising to remain vigilant so as not to repeat the same mistakes as a year ago. After selecting serious sites on the Internet, they called some of these Dolly Varden Credit Providers members of representative trade unions to secure themselves and finally decided on the one that inspired them most with professionalism and professionalism. empathy.

After taking into account the couple’s explanations, the intermediary in banking, a true expert in financial restructuring for the self-employed, suggested to them the forms of grouping of credits that could suit their profile and their situation.

Among many others, some especially attracted the attention of the such as the Mortgage, a Credit consisting of consolidating all outstanding credits of a client-owner into a single mortgage, while relying on the duration of the mortgage, or even increase it. The icing on the cake, the recent fall in the cost of mortgages eases the costs of the operation. The Mortgage Loan allows the interested party to have a term of up to thirty years, to repay. Such a period can significantly reduce the monthly payment to regain not only a significant purchasing power but a savings capacity to no longer be caught off guard in the event of a new unforeseen. Credit Dolly Varden’s organization even mentioned a possibility of credit renegotiation a little later depending on the evolution of their income and interest rates. The risk of over-indebtedness was averted.

Mortgage loan

Mortgage loan

This service offers the possibility of making a new loan once the first loan is amortized, the mortgage still remaining a guarantor for another loan. When the provider in Dolly Varden credits told them that the pooling of credits is not only possible for all types of loans be it real estate, furniture, consumption, revolving or staff, but that one could still include his bank overdraft and other debts, the no longer hesitated on the interest of the offer and asked to constitute the file related to it with the help of the specialist who would accompany them throughout the process until its completion. They could even include the fees including the fees, intermediation (the broker’s commission), the guarantee fees and the prepayment fees in the restructuring loan to have nothing to get out of their pocket. As insurance, the banking intermediary offered them a premium studied without any revision of its amount in the future, whatever the evolution of their state of health. The repayment term and the interest rate fully respected their budget, all protected by a loan agreement in good standing fully meeting the requirements of the Consumer Code to protect the rights of consumers.

Thanks to this turnkey service, the was able to experience a much more stable financial situation which bore fruit in their family life as well as in their professional situation. Their budget has resumed a normal course and even more has improved greatly, now allowing them to continue the course of their professional activities free spirit. The cleaning of the Costes has never been so serene that after having recourse to the services of this professional in of credit which fully took care of them and was personally involved throughout its mission until its term by accompanying them to the Notary.