Fast Loans of up to € 15,000

Gandalf, It is a company that provides money financing service for your car . It is the best, the fastest and easiest. The service of Gandalf is based on simple conditions of understanding for its clients, with an easy and fast procedure.

They are responsible for issuing money in quantities from € 500 to € 15,000 for the car you are using.

You just have to fill out a money request by phone or on the website of Gandalf or in one of its offices. They will evaluate your application and your car, then they will give you an offer in only 30 minutes.

If you accept the offer, they will give you an appointment to meet and sign the contract so you can have the amount you requested instantly.

What makes Gandalf different from other financial entities?

Gandalf has a philosophy of transparency. Its terms and conditions are simple for customers. They are in charge of managing the requests and the procedure of the contracts in an agile and clear way to provide an exceptional service to the clients and thus, they can get their money as soon as they need it.

It is also worth mentioning that Gandalf has an international presence. They strive to find the best solutions for their clients based on the experience of their advisors that has been forged over the years of work, being currently the best company with which you could contact if you need money quickly.

Advantages of choosing Gandalf as a financial entity

The philosophy behind Gandalf is based on transparency and simple terms and conditions for all its customers. They are in charge of the management of requests and the processing of contracts quickly and clearly with the sole objective of providing an optimal and quality service to their clients so that they enjoy the disposition of the money they need at a certain moment.

Two good advantages are the following:

  • Quick method to access a large loan.
  • Even when you are granted the loan, the vehicle will remain your property and you can drive with it without any problem.

Main features of Gandalf

Its features offer different benefits to customers. They are quick to listen to the needs of customers and always seek to offer the best solution.

  • Loan amount from € 500 to € 15,000 euros.
  • Term of payments of 3 up to 24 months.
  • Get your total money in less than 24 hours.
  • It does not have opening or management fees or when canceling the agreement totally or partially.
  • No additional charges for the review of your application.

Requirements (Gandalf Conditions)

Gandalf enjoys clear and simple things, offering conditions that are clear for your customers to understand. If you want to apply for your credit, take a moment to see its conditions.

The documentation that must be submitted is the following:

  • Document DNI or NIE
  • Technical sheet of your vehicle.
  • Permission of circulation.

Interest rates managed by Gandalf

It handles a Nominal Interest Rate of 40,548%, with interest from 7%.

They offer the service of an appraisal for your car and based on the result you can request the amount of money you need.

This appraisal is carried out by specialized advisors who will tell you how much your vehicle is priced and how much money Gandalf can offer you for this, with the great advantage of being able to drive with it calmly even after obtaining your credit.

How is this appraisal done? The first thing you should do is indicate the registration of your vehicle by filling in the fields that correspond to the credit application. With this, the specialists of Gandalf will be based to gather the information of the car that will help them to make a decision on the appraisal to be able to offer money for him. You will also be contacted to request documentation that will be useful for the evaluation of your solvency.

In a period of 30 minutes, they carry out the appraisal of the car and a contract will be sent to them with the proposal extended by Gandalf. If you agree, you should only sign the contract, send it back and within 24 hours, you will receive your credit based on this appraisal.

Do not hesitate to request an appraisal of your car to get money for it!

Is it possible to request a loan with Fern in Gandalf?

Customers have the possibility to request a loan even if they are part of Fern or without any problem and with complete peace of mind. Gandalf will not ask you questions about it, nor will it bother you that it appears on one of these lists. If the car is in your name, you can request a personal credit with Fern or .

Several of the financial entities do not make loans to people with Fern, or any other type of list of defaulters, but Gandalf is not the case, since they want to be that alternative so that you have the opportunity to ask for a personal credit like any other person.

How to apply for loans and credits in Gandalf

4 steps are required to carry out the procedure with Gandalf:

  1. Ask for money:

To request credit (your money) with Gandalf you can use one of the following methods:

  • Completing a contact form online on the official website.
  • Visiting one of the offices of Gandalf.
  1. They will review your application and in a short time they will contact you to receive the documentation to later evaluate your car. Once they have completed the evaluation, they will respond with an offer within 30 minutes.
  2. If you decide to accept the offer, the managers of the company will contact you to carry out a meeting where you will sign the agreement.
  3. Once you have signed the agreement

Opinions about Gandalf

Rosa García.- She has a restaurant. One unfortunate day his coffee machine broke down and quickly requested money to support his business. Gandalf gave her money within 24 hours of her request, and Rosa was able to keep her business running smoothly.

Juan Cepeda.- He is an independent architect who needed to pay his IRPF urgently to avoid being fined. He approached the offices of Gandalf and received the money on the same day.

Monica A.- She is a student and she needed money to reach her goal of publishing a book of her own. He got in touch with the experts of Gandalf, received the money and has already sold the first editions of his work at present.

María José Hinojosa.- “I am happy with the credit I received with Gandalf. They are really professional and very attentive to the doubts I have had and they have resolved them immediately. “


The interesting thing about this financial company is the fact that it is a portal where they allow us to request large amounts of money, putting an amount as an example € 5,000, and handle different terms to pay the credit.

To feel confident that they are 100% reliable, let’s look at some stories shared by Gandalf customers.

Thanks to the information of Gandalf and the opinions of its clients, we can understand that it is a reliable, flexible and responsible entity that offers several services so that you can request a credit using your car as a guarantee.