Credit Simulation Bank – Request a Loan Consolidation

If you have made a loan to finance a project, it is easy to integrate a single monthly payment into your budget. If on the contrary, you made more than one loan, pay several monthly installments carries risks of indebtedness and especially over-indebtedness.

The credit is a banking operation that is an alternative to this situation: consolidate all of your debts to have: 1 single monthly payment + 1 single rate + 1 single interlocutor. Several organizations offer Ross Poldark’s credit solutions: this is notably the case of the Credit Bank.

But before you commit, it is recommended to simulate your situation and compare the different offers of the market. This will allow you to have a solid record but above all a credit at the best rate.

A retail and proximity bank

A subsidiary of Group is specializing in retail banking. With an extensive network in France, this bank offers local services both in the branch and online. As part of its business, Bank offers various banking products to a varied audience. Individuals, professionals and companies among others can find themselves through its offers.

For individuals, provides them with offers such as: insurance, health insurance, retirement savings and banking and credit . It is in this range of products that you can find the Credit Bank.

Since the grouping of loans is to be considered on a case-by-case basis, always simulate your request to better understand your situation and build a coherent project. In addition, we provide details below to better understand the credit offer at Bank.

Credit Solutions by Bank

When you pay several monthly payments, your purchasing power is reduced. In addition, it will be difficult for you to have other credits to finance important projects. That’s why credit solutions help you regain your financial health. At Bank, the grouping of loans is an offer that follows the general principle in this area, but which also offers specific conditions.

The principle of grouping loans


Loan consolidation is an operation for a borrower who has made several loans with different banks. An organization like then proposes to buy back all of its debts from its various creditors. As a result: the borrower is left with a single debt, repayable with a single creditor. In addition, the terms of this single credit are renegotiated in his interest: he can, therefore, benefit from advantageous monthly payments and a rate revised downward.

It is important to differentiate between Ross Poldark or credit consolidation and debt restructuring. In the latter case, the borrower goes to one of the banks where he has made a loan to renegotiate the terms. If you want to do then you have to go to a bank or a third party.

The credit is based on the principle of loan consolidation to offer you an offer that meets your needs. But as each bank always customizes its products to distinguish them from the others, the credits has specific terms and conditions.

The Real Estate Loan at Bank

Real Estate Loan

Bank offers a credit for individuals who have made a home loan to become homeowners. This based offer of real estate credit sets certain conditions.

On the one hand, these are the various home loans that must be eligible for a credit. Among these real estate loans, there are:

  • The classic loan
  • Social loan
  • Housing Savings Loan (PEL)
  • The loan contracted or ready for social accession

So check your eligibility for an axa home loan consolidation before you commit. For this, we provide you with our simulator free of charge.

On the other hand, Bank focuses on the rate of its offer. Currently, in France, the 2018 real estate rate is historically low, which has an impact on the rate practiced in terms of credit. At, it is a fixed rate that is practiced; This allows you to estimate the total cost of operation.

The consumer credit


In addition to a real estate lending group, also offers consumer credit. In this context, the Bank will concern some of your loans, mainly:

  • The car/motorcycle loan
  • The motorhome loan
  • The work loan
  • Loan equipment / leisure
  • Revolving credit or revolving loan
  • Bank overdrafts

Of those loans, maybe you did two or more. If this is the case, the Bank offer will allow you to better manage your budget by consolidating all your debts. Better, if you want to finance new projects, Axa can offer you a loan that will fit into your unique monthly payment.

In the credit pooling market, the offers for Bank real estate loans and loans are in competition with other offers. Use this competition to benefit from advantageous terms such as a better rate and significantly lower monthly payments.

Why simulate his credit?


When you want to redeem your various credits by an organization such as Bank or any other organization, it is best to understand your financial situation.

Your financial situation is your borrower profile that banks and agencies will study. Several indicators can emerge from this borrower profile namely: your income (monthly and / or annual), the different loans made and their terms, the possible guarantees that you could provide (mortgage, deposit), and savings. From these elements, it is possible to determine your debt ratio. The latter will then determine your repayment capacity.

In order to avoid surprises, why not simulate credit before any request? Using our 100% online tool, make your simulation fast, simple and completely confidential and secure.

To maximize your chances of getting credit, heal your borrowing profile by mastering the transactions that will appear on your last three bank statements.

Why compare loan consolidation offers?

loan consolidation

The best way to find an advantageous offer is to play the competition. Each offer made by an organization includes terms that are recommended to know before committing to:

  • Early Redemption Payments (IRAs) : they still apply to loan consolidation. When you make a loan, it has a term on the basis of which the borrower receives interest. However, if you practice a credit, the repayment term is abbreviated, hence the payment of this penalty before you get out of your old creditors. The law has capped the amount at 3% of the outstanding capital.
  • The fees : they help finance the management of your credit. Their amount may vary depending on the organizations that offer you loan consolidation.
  • The other terms : on the one hand, these can be guarantees if you have made them. If it is a deposit and you have a mutual fund, you may be eligible for a 75% refund. However, if it is a mortgage, a show of hands will apply. On the other hand, there is a unique rate of that will be offered by the organization. It will have a significant impact on the amount of your monthly payment, and therefore on the rest to live in your possession.

In order to get the pin of the game, do not hesitate to compare the offers. You can do this from this page using our completely free comparator.