Want to Compare Loans from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000 Pesos ?: Credit Calculator

Want to Compare Loans from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000 Pesos ?: Credit Calculator

If you have ever crossed the idea of ​​taking a loan but thought it impossible because you do not have a salary receipt in this article we have the solution.

Obviously, in the majority of banking entities, the first thing a person interested in obtaining money is asked for is their salary receipts and seniority at work. It is even important not only to have a receipt but that it is of a certain amount to count as a guarantee and that it is not temporary but fixed.

This leaves out a lot of people who have incomes but who do not come from a fixed salary every month.

Luckily there are many financial institutions that offer loans and solutions for these cases.

The advantages

Many people who can not get money in banks can do it in financial institutions

They are fast and easy to obtain

Money allows you to invest in your own business

Buy and access what they most want or need.

The alternatives are several and it is recommended to pay attention and analyze the characteristics of the loans they offer: what type of institution is it, the experience and track record in the sector, the amount of money they make available, the applicable interest rates, necessary documents of being presented, requirements, among others.

Credit Loans is one of these alternatives, it is a company that offers loans and credits to cover needs such as: moving, studying at the university, changing the car, fixing or buying household appliances, investing in a venture, among others.

It’s about loans or quick loans to get, you just need to go to the nearest branch and ask for a loan in the act

The corresponding documentation must be presented

These are loans to only one firm , where it is not necessary to present more guarantor than the firm itself

Loan cash in the act

Loan cash in the act

They are returned in pesos and in fixed installments.

For those who do not have a salary receipt, they must present

An Identity Document

A service or tax bill pays in your name

Those over 18 years old can already access these Credil loans, being able to request more than one at a time. That is, it is renewable loans so you can have all the money you need when you need it.

Those who work as monotributistas may submit:

An invoice for a service or tax

For retirees and pensioners, it is only necessary:

Retirement or pension receipt

A tax or service invoice

For those who work in a dependency relationship, they will also find credit options in Credil, they must present:

A service or tax bill

There are many branches spread throughout the country, you can check the complete list by accessing the Credil website. Here are some of them:

In La Rioja capital loans can approach Joaquín V González 179 or call by phone from Monday to Saturday at 0380-4436981

In Jujuy capital, you can get close to Gral. Alvear 756 or also communicate by phone from Monday to Saturday at the numbers 0388-4241794 / 4229343

Rapicuotas is another of the financial entities that offers easy and quick loans to take out , in order to realize the latent dreams and needs. These are cash loans that only require the interested party to approach the branch, present the corresponding documents, sign and leave.

They are one of the fastest loans in the market that also have minimum requirements to apply for them.

What are the necessary requirements?

Present the national identity document of the interested party

A ticket for a service or tax

 For those who do not have a salary receipt but have a monthly income that comes from retirement, pension, child allowance, for a borrowed domestic service, they can request a loan. They should approach the branches with the latest receipts of this income and ask for the corresponding loan

 If you do not have a corresponding income to work in a dependent manner or one of the aforementioned, you also have the possibility of requesting a loan in Rapicuotas. Customer service representatives are always looking for solutions for customers.

 Even if some requirements were missing, they could be replaced or solved in some way to solve the problem and be able to grant the requested loan.

 For those who work in a dependent manner, they can present their salary receipt in jobs where they are at least 4 months old.

Loan characteristics

Guarantors are not necessary, they are loans to single companies


There is no defined maximum limit , the money available for each person will depend on the credit history they have, their monthly income, seniority at work, among others. The amount will correspond to the analysis carried out by Rapicuotas in each particular case.

 The renewal of the loans is absolutely possible, they may request one, two, three or more. This will depend above all on the qualification they have, but the general idea of ​​the entity is that the user of a loan does not have to go to another bank to obtain the money he needs.

 All persons can access this loan, it is a free loan for all without discrimination.

In the case of this company, it is recommended that the interested parties approach with the documents they have and present their particular situation , the representatives of Rapicuotas will do everything necessary to offer the loan that they need so much.

They have branches throughout the country that can be approached to resolve questions or queries, also to request the loan.